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Seaory Oriental Pearl Sales Team - Eastern OCT Tour

The team of Seaory Oriental Pearl sales team ranked first in the fourth quarter of 2018. Thanks to the hard work of all members, enriching the cultural life of employees, alleviating work pressure, enhancing team cohesiveness and further stimulating the enthusiasm of employees, the team members have conducted two sessions. A trip to the East OCT in the day.

As a busy urbanite, and occasionally rushing around, you have dreamed of going somewhere away from the city, slowing down the pace of life, and letting busy people have a soothing moment to enjoy the leisure. In Dameisha, Shenzhen, China, there is a dream square, where you can feel the rest and heart of the deep.

In two days, everyone enjoys the freshness and coziness of nature in the blue ocean, the winding mountains or the thick bamboo forest; and the free-flowing expedition to the fantasy valley and mysterious place; It is the meditation and self-cultivation of the Zen tea, and the baptism of Zen, the experience of poetry and life; even through another country, to experience the romantic atmosphere of the exotic.

Thanks to Seaory Incentive Travel to provide us with the opportunity to relax and broaden our horizons, let everyone experience the warmth and care of the company, so as to better enhance the cohesiveness of the company and fully demonstrate the team spirit of the company. Let the employees relax and concentrate on their sentiments, and let them go to work with more full enthusiasm.