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Daily maintenance tips of card printer ribbon

How do you solve the ribbon problems when you printing ? Here are some tips for you.

1、Change the ribbon by yourself
Actually it is easy to change ribbon by yourself, but different type printers have different ribbon structure, fortunately, their ribbons operate on the same principle. Now we use Seaory T12 as an example: First of all, open the printer cover and you will see four ribbon shaft clamps of orange and blue colors with spring on one side of the orange and blue clamps. We put the corresponding color ribbon roller install onto the side of the rack and promote, and finished. Need to pay attention to the protruding part of the ribbon shaft clip to be clamped into the ribbon axis of the gear, and ribbon installed to maintain a parallel state, otherwise the printer will be an error. After the ribbon is installed, close the printer cover and change the ribbon program.
2、Ribbon failure and solution
Sometimes we meet ribbon failure when using a card printer, below describes and resolves several printer ribbon faults.
1)Ribbon Broken—— High temperature; Printing Ultra-edge. In the former case, the lower heating energy can be adjusted in the printer driver; in the latter case, the printing position can be corrected in the printer driver
2)Ribbon Jam-----card repeat printing; motor speed is not synchronized. The former case is caused by wrong use, the printer prohibits the printed card from being printed again, the latter case can be corrected by software.
3)Failed to find ribbon - ribbon sensor is abnormal; ribbon cartridge cracked. In the former case, calibrated the ribbon sensor in the printer driver; in the latter case, the ribbon holder needs to be replaced.
3、what issue we should be cared ?
1) Do not use the inferior ribbon, if not, due to the poor quality of ribbon, printing effect  is not clear. In severe cases, the print head will be damaged.
2) The ribbon should be installed correctly. If it is not correct, the ribbons on both sides of the print head will rotate reversely, twisting and deviation during the rotation, which will cause the ribbon to get caught in the roller and cause malfunction.