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2019 Seaory HeYuan Trip

Travel is an experience of finding pleasure, relaxation and broadening one's horizons in the midst of hardship and exhaustion. It is a good opportunity to increase your knowledge and experience. As the saying goes: "travelling is better than reading thousands of books".Through the thick in summer, in order to enhance staff team consciousness, let employees in the work to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. Further stimulate the enthusiasm and motivation of employees to work, enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion of employees. On 14th June, Seaory organize staff to visit Guangdong Heyuan, bid farewell to the noise of the first-tier cities, without the pressure of work ,only reflect the laughter and close teamwork between colleagues.


On the morning of 14th, all the employees of our company set off from Shenzhen and Dongguan respectively to our destination Heyuan .As a result, when we passed through Huizhou on the way, we found a summer paradise, namely Changjin ice and snow world located in Boluo county. We consciously stopped the pace of the journey, as if the high summer in Guangdong is a ruthless hand, will push us to the Changjin snow world. Thanks to the team leader's quick walking through the crowd, soon we all got tickets and tickets to rent clothes . Although the clothes look a little out of tune with the season.


As soon as I entered the ice and snow world, I was suddenly enlightened. My mind felt refreshed and I breathed the cool air. I was amazed that the southern city in the hot summer had such a wonderful summer place. We chatted with each other along the ice trails reserved for the interior, enjoying the sparkling ice from time to time, as if we were a harmonious family. In this world of ice and snow, there is a passionate ice roller coaster, behind which is a two-level fairy-tale castle. Sliding down from the castle makes you feel like the little prince of snow. There are also spinning slides and tyre slides, and you'd better lean back when you're sliding, so you can go farther.  Of course, if the body balance is not good, more suggestions revolving slide ……In the ice and snow world crazy playing for two hours, suddenly realized that a north wind blows, the feeling of piercing, and we have abandoned this summer, return to the arms of a little warm and sunshine sky. Of course, this feeling is only temporary.


In a twinkling, it was time for lunch. The rush in the early morning and the attack of the cold weather all of us were hungry. Driven by hunger, coupled with local stir-fried farm dishes, we soon realized our liquidation task. After filling our stomachs, we continued our journey towards our final destination Heyuan. It was three clock in the afternoon when we arrived at Heyuan. After three hours' driving and experienced a combination of ice and fire on the way. We decided to rest in the hotel for a while, and then at 5:30 in the evening, we gathered in the hotel lobby and went to the restaurant to have dinner together .


After dinner, we came to the last stop of the day, which was the fountain that was the highest in Asia. The fountain is located on the Xinfeng river, Heyuan. The 169-meter-high main water fountain rises to the sky, showing the air to match the height of heaven! The secondary spray consists of 1068 nozzles and 618 underwater colored lights. In the cheerful music, through direct spray, water curtain, water wave, water pine, inner throw, swing, woven net and other 8 kinds of water types, it can continuously combine into dozens of unpredictable and colorful fountain landscape......But it's a pity that we didn't get such a spectacle of appreciation in the day, pay attention to the news, as you know, after Heyuan area due to the days of being attacked by a heavy downpour, more experienced the test of floods, Xinfengjiang cann’t avoid the plight of flood circumstances. The local city's water bureau decided temporarily shut down the landscape of the fountain. Although did not enjoy the fountain, but can see the night view of the Dongjiang river, is also this journey without regret.

On the morning of 15th, we came to the last stop of our trip, which is about 10 kilometers away from Heyuan city. YeQu ditch is located in the north of the main peak of Dayi mountain, the source city within the jurisdiction of the Luokeng. Facing the Wanlu river, three sides of the mountain, ancient vine giant trees cover the skye, waterfall hundred heavy thousand layers .With the unique original landscape natural scenery of strange trees, strange stones, secluded ditches and beautiful water, it shows its delight in releasing life. Interpret ecological culture with the mystery of wildness, and display natural charm with the beauty of wildness .There are joy and passion of the wild bath, the rain disco, exciting water speed skating. There is joy, variety, endless wild wood path wild hippie pedestrian zone. Among them are fans of flowers, trees, rattan , drug mystery, and thousands of years of mystery "book stone". Natural air conditioning reputation, the most comfortable XiangshuiPing leisure area. According to the situation of resources, and avoid the close repetition with the nearby scenic spots, the YeQu ditch is selected as the development theme of " YeQu", known as "Guangdong Xiaojiuzhai", is the model of Heyuan original ecological tourism.


Speaking of thrilling speed skating, that's rafting. Driving a small boat without power, using the paddle to control the direction, in sometimes turbulent and sometimes gentle flow downstream, in the struggle with nature to interpretation of a wonderful moment. This is rafting, a sport of the brave. A meandering river runs through the hard interior of the gorge. Riding down the river in a rubber boat, the sky is high, the water is long, the sun shines, surrounded by green mountains, floating in the meantime, oncoming is a kind of anticipation -- Expect excitement ! Expect a fight with nature! Looking forward to the relief after "narrowly missed"! In the busy city life, people have been looking for is such an excitement feeling, a unique feeling different from ordinary life.

Imperceptibly, in the middle of the day, after a morning of stimulating sports, it is ushered in a burst of hunger, after lunch that day, we set foot on the way home, ready to start back to Shenzhen.


What is more touching than the joy of visiting the beautiful scenery is the fraternal friendship between colleagues. During the journey, we all laughed, talked, and cared for each other, Never let an individual influence the team. Through this trip, it deepened the mutual understanding of my colleagues, made our distance closer and friendship more sublimated. Thank you again for organizing this tour to provide us with an opportunity to relax and enhance communication.