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Seaory(Beijing Trip of Taishan Team)

In 2016, Taishan Team’s performance ranked No. 1 among all teams, Seaory company has not only awarded lots of bonuses, but also arranged free trip for them, the whole team enjoyed a meaningful trip in Beijing, with great excitement. All team members hug a vision and hope of the trip, as they have never been Beijing before.    

The first stop: Tiananmen, Beihai Park

Raising the national flag in Tiananmen, the scenery with so many people in the Square really can be described as “People Mountain People Sea”. When seeing the national anthem being played and national flag rising slowly, our heart filled with excitement inexplicably. When seeing PLA soldiers appear neat pace, heroic posture, we feel great strength in our body.


The second stop: Summer Palace, Birds’ Nest, Water Cube

Then we came to Birds’ Nest and Water Cube. We used to watch on TV, surely hope to feel at site. When it appears in front of your eyes, it is so like a artwork that we don’t want to move eyes from it. No matter from the images or sense of vision, the artworks leave impact on visitors’ heart and sight, it’s tenacious Chinese use their thinking and wisdom created the world attention miracle, perfectly explains the old saying, “Nothing is Impossible”.


The third stop: Great Wall, Wangfujin

Finally, we visited Great Wall and Wangfujin, the Great Wall is one of the most famous attractions in Beijing, it is the most memorable place for us. The Great Wall is the representative of Chinese, it looks like a huge yellow dragon coiling among the peaks. We can’t stop taking photos for memory, just want to record all fancy and beautiful scenery.


Thanks for the company to provide us with opportunity of incentive travel to relax and open our eyes, we will take it as power to continue working hard.