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Card printer that meets the standards for financial social security card certification

All along, regarding the certification printing application of social security cards, the state has relevant documents and specifications, but due to various implementations, there are still many smart card printers with different indicators and non-standard standards. According to the resolution, there are 600DPI, 300DPI and other different types of printing equipment in the industry market, among which 300DPI is the majority, the market is mixed, and the product quality is mixed.

However, reviewing the relevant documents and regulations of the state on social security card certification technology, in the Office of the People's Bank of China, the Human Resources and Social Security Department Document Bank Office [2017] No. 170, there is a third-generation social security card technology with financial functions. The Code made a notice, which clearly stated that the technical requirements for the photo should be in accordance with the "Technical Requirements for Photo ID"; and the GA 461-2004 "Digital Photographic Requirements for the Identification of Resident Identity Cards" compiled by the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security In the case, the 350DPI resolution indicator is more clearly required, which means that card printers with a resolution lower than 350DPI will be rejected, that is, not all card printers can be used as social security cards. Certificate printed.

Not only that, in this technical specification, the third- generation social security card with financial function has higher requirements on the card size, back layout, readable and writable IC chip and information security; this represents The relevant card printing equipment must match the current technical requirements, otherwise it will face the embarrassing situation of market elimination.

Looking at the current card printer market, there are many brands and the market is mixed, and the quality of the products is also uneven. If you want to find a card printer that can be qualified for the social security card certification project, you can find a suitable one. Printing device?

of course can! The Seaory S series of printers, known for their high reliability, high security and high-definition resolution, are the best players.

The Seaory S series card printer is a dye-sublimation direct-printing card printer that can safely and quickly write information into cards for secure and high-density card printing. At the same time, it also has 600DPI HD far above the industry standard. Resolution, printing color up to 16.7 million or 256 colors / pixel, the color is delicate, the recognition is high, far beyond the current national social security card photo technical requirements.

It is also worth noting that in the high-load card-making demand, the card-making and card-issuing efficiency are also the problems that must be faced. In the traditional card- making program, the licensee needs to wait for 60 days to obtain the certificate; Seaory S series certificate The card printer supports the rapid completion of the social security card printing production, and the witness can complete the on-the-spot processing and instant card issuance without waiting for the card to be taken for a long time.