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How to maintain the card printer daily

Card printers, daily maintenance is very important, correct maintenance can not only improve print quality, but also effectively extend the life of the printer. Customers are advised to pay attention to the following points during the use and maintenance of the card printer.

The maintenance of the card printer and the working environment are an important factor affecting the operation and service life of the printer, so try not to place the printer in a dusty workplace.
Regularly clean the printer. Before cleaning, clean the dust around the inside of the printer, and then clean the card ribbon with a cleaning card.
It is recommended to use a cleaning card to clean all the shafts in the machine and replace the cleaning wheel after each roll of ribbon is used. If the machine is in a bad working environment, shorten the cleaning interval and increase the frequency of cleaning.

The card printer is clean and consists of three parts. The cleaning wheel cleans the card; the cleaning bar cleans the print head; the cleaning card cleans all the rollers in the machine. The three parts are indispensable: use a cleaning rod to clean the print head. It can better protect the print head and extend the life of the print head. It is recommended to purchase a special cleaning kit.
Please do not reuse the cleaning card: After the cleaning card is used once, the cleaning agent on the cleaning card is very small, and the cleaning effect cannot be achieved.

Be careful not to damage the printhead when opening or closing the cover.