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ID card working principle and application

I believe that we all know that the use of membership card and member management and member marketing system in the promotion of enterprises can be more efficient. So familiar with the principle and application of ID card can help us better understand it. The following Seaory will introduce the working principle and application of ID card for you in detail.
Working principle
The system consists of card, card reader and background controller.The working process is as follows
The card reader sends the carrier signal outward through the antenna
Background computer according to the ID card number of the legitimacy, for different applications to make the corresponding processing and control
The card reader demodulates and decodes the received ID card echo signal and sends it to the background computer
The ID card chip reading control module modulates the data in the memory on the carrier after phase-modulated coding and sends it back to the card reader via the ID card antenna
After the ID card enters the working area of the card reader, the resonant circuit composed of inductance coil and capacitor in the ID card receives the carrier signal emitted by the card reader. The RF interface module of the chip in the ID card generates the power voltage, reset signal and system clock from this signal, so as to "activate" the chip.
Compared with the contact IC card, the contactless ID card does not need to be inserted or unplugged, which avoids all kinds of faults caused by bad mechanical contact. Therefore, it has the prominent advantages of convenient, fast, reliable, long life and so on, and is especially suitable for the occasion with large human flow.
Contactless ID card can be mainly used for identification and addressing control, such as access control, security, attendance and other fields, but also can be extended to exhibitions, parks, hotels, restaurants and other public places tickets, coupons.And the production process, postal parcels, air and rail transport, product packaging, transportation and other sectors of logistics, electronic labels, security signs, disposable tickets and many other fields.Although it is only a kind of read only card, but the use of background computer control management, even if it involves the problem of charge management can also be applied in a certain range, such as canteen charge management.
About specific how to apply, can the personal data of card holder into the background computer, establish the database and configure the application software, when using the card reader will read the card number sent to the background computer, pull out the personal data of card holder from the database, and then operate.It has a wide range of applications.