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Membership card security technology

Nowadays, more and more merchants use the membership card as a way to retain the old customers. The membership card also comes with many member benefits. Many membership cards also have security problems, so how to make the membership card better and safer?

With the development of science and technology, the role of membership cards is becoming more and more abundant. It is no longer a single identity identification, but also has the functions of recharge, consumption, discount, and points. Many customers often have such concerns when making rechargeable membership cards: they are afraid that some customers will use the membership card to defraud, or the illegal personnel will use the membership card for consumption. Then how to achieve better security for membership cards, this is a problem that needs to be considered when making.

One of the simplest security methods is to log in to the customer when the membership card is issued. When the customer consumes, check the corresponding customer information, such as the customer's mobile phone number, the customer's name, if there is a customer's photo, you can directly Check out the electronic photos so that you can see at a glance whether the cardholder is a true member. This kind of manual review method requires the merchant to register and improve the member's information when opening the card.

The general membership management software can set a password. When the customer swipes the membership card, the password needs to be entered to pay the success, so that even if someone uses the membership card to consume, the password cannot be used.
In terms of hardware devices, it is added to install a dongle to encrypt the membership card, which also functions as a member card anti-counterfeiting.

How to increase security in membership card production? For example, the production of anti-counterfeit labels, posted on the membership card, the design of the membership card layout increases the design difficulty, adding some small aspects of the design, such as shading design, special font design.
For the membership card production security technology, we will share it here. The security level of different membership cards is also different. Now with the development of technology, cards with low security are easily copied and stolen by unscrupulous personnel, so not only when making cards, Need to choose a high-confidence membership card, but also need to set up anti-counterfeiting measures on the card surface, two aspects to enhance the security of the card security.