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Mid-Autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the Reunion festival. Is popular in many ethnic groups in China and the Chinese cultural circle of the traditional cultural festival. Because of it’s at the three autumn half, So it’s named of the Mid-Autumn festival. The Mid-Autumn festival began in the early Tang dynasty and prevailed in the Song dynasty. By the Ming and Qing dynasties, it has become one of the traditional Chinese festivals as well as the Spring Festival. The Mid-Autumn festival has since ancient times to sacrifice the month, admire the month, worship the month, eat moon cakes, appreciate Osmanthus flowers, drink osmanthus wine and other customs, spread to today. The Mid-Autumn festival is a colorful and precious cultural heritage with the reunion of people and the yearning for home and relatives for harvest and happiness.

A clear and open eternal water tune song: " When does the bright moon? ask the blue sky with wine", " We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moon light, even though miles apart." at the end. Around the Mid-Autumn ,people started to imagine and think, the human world's feelings of joy and sorrow into the philosophical pursuit of life in the universe, reflecting the Mid-Autumn moon since ancient times on the sustention of people's thoughts and emotions.

Years in a hurry, time flies, the annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming, in reciting countless consign acacia, our hearts that acacia, reunion will be more and more strong. At this time of joy and longing for reunion, Seaory held this dinner to thank all the staff for their hard work.

The Mid-Autumn festival dinner will be held at 6pm on September 9 at a hotel near the company.The banquet was opened and delicious food was presented. While everyone was tasting delicious food, all departments also organized groups to toast each table in turn.The new and old employees were laughing and talking happily with wine and talking freely about their inner feelings, which instantly shortened the distance between each other.