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Our company is authorized by national invention patent again

Congratulations to our company on the invention patent of "rotating feed type input card structure" being authorized by the state intellectual property office, and the invention patent notice granted on August 14, 2019.

My company constantly increasing investment in scientific research and technology strength, actively carry out technical innovation. The invention of the "rotating feed into the card institution", mainly involves the mechanism of the card in technical areas. It can be applied to the card printer. Compared with the mechanical structure relative to the friction of feed, it’s more stable and won't cause harm to justify card surface.

In practical application, this patent structure solves the pain point of machine shutdown caused by insufficient card entering in the widely used self-service all-in-one machine, and avoids the situation of insufficient card entering in the self-service all-in-one machine that requires manual maintenance intervention after shutdown. So as to ensure that each card can enter the card normally and improve customer satisfaction .This patent structure has been used in S22K and S22 models of our company, and has been applied in the self-help card issuing machine in the fields of finance, medical treatment, social security and public security.
Card feeding mechanism is a kind of structure that uses a mechanical mechanism to push a rectangular card into a specific device. The existing card feeding mechanism mainly uses friction feed, that is, after the card is clamped by a roller, the card is turned by driving the roller to achieve the purpose of card feeding. Under existing technology, the structure of card feeding by using the friction force of roller on card will cause certain wear on card surface, and when card surface is smooth, it will make the feeding action not smooth enough.
Compared with the existing technology, the present invention provides a rotating feed type structure into the card, driving license by the rotation of the rocker card feed, when cards placed in turn groove, rocker integral in turn embedded groove, through the drive units and make the rocker rotate, rocker propulsion of rotation to the wedge flange were jacked up, turned groove, blocks out a block out of the tank turns against the edge of the cards, in the process of rocker continues to rotate, blocks further promote cards for straight line feed. The purpose of the invention is to provide a rotary feed type feed card structure, aiming to solve the problem of low feed efficiency and easy damage to the card in the prior art.
The acquisition of patents fully reflects our company's independent research and development and innovation ability, improves the company's core competitiveness, improves the company's brand awareness, and provides a strong scientific and technological support for the company's future development.