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RFID Technology is the Trend

I. Black Technology RFID Radio Frequency Technology

RFID, also known as radio frequency identification, recognizes, reads and writes specific target data through radio signals without mechanical contact or a specific complex environment.

Radio frequency identification technology is used in many industries. Attaching an RFID label to a car that is in production, the factory can easily track the progress of the car on the production line. In the medical industry, the warehouse can track where the drug is located. RF tags can also be attached to livestock and pets to facilitate positive identification of them (positive identification means preventing several animals from using the same identity).


II. Applications of RFID Technology

Many industries is in rejuvenation for applications of RFID technology .

It has strong anti-interference and no need for manual identification, so it is often used in some areas that need to collect or track information, including but not limited to the following four points:

1. Warehouse/Transportation/Material: Embedding RFID chips into the goods to collect information about the goods so will be convenient for management personnel to inquire and can also improve the speed and accuracy of the delivery of goods, and prevent the dumping and counterfeiting.



2. Fixed asset management:  Once the information stored in libraries, art galleries and museum books or valuables changes abnormally, the administrator will be reminded to handle the situation in the system.


3. Hotel intelligent guidance system

In the era of rapid development of information technology, RFID technology has become a trend, and RFID wine intelligent guidance systems are widely used in smart hotel systems.

The installation of this system hardware equipment is mainly to install the reader to the exit of the elevator on each floor and the guest can walk to his room according to the direction indicator light installed on the wall of the walkway.

4. Retail: In order to prevent the loss of goods, apparel retailers choose to integrate RFID tags directly into price tags so that each product can only have one tag. In this way, the inventory information is clear, and once the minimum inventory quantity is reached, the system can make replenishment orders at any time.

With the development of intelligent technology, more and more technology has been integrated into production and life. Especially in recent years, immediate demand has promoted to improve new ways of retailing. The application of various industries has become increasingly intelligent and individual. The drawbacks of convenience stores are increasingly revealed, and the trend of smart vending cabinets replacing traditional convenience stores is growing.