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S series Card Printers Obtained Overseas Certification

The trend of globalization, the ever-changing buying behavior, and the increasingly fierce competition... In this era of continuous development, today’s consumers are buying more reassuring goods, in addition to considering a certain price/performance ratio, their consumption expectations are increasingly linked with product safety, quality and environment.

Therefore, product certification is the key to selling products to overseas markets.
After obtaining the product certification issued by a third-party , the company can attach a certification mark on the product and packaging to indicate that the product has been proven to meet the relevant requirements. This will undoubtedly increase the added value of the product, enhance the confidence of consumers and the demander to use the product, enhance the image of the company, promote the sales of the product, and will help the company to win a larger market share.
The more realistic role of product certification is reflected in international trade. It can be used to eliminate trade barriers between countries or regions that are conditional on product certification, broaden the international market for enterprises, and improve the competition of products in the international market. ability. The implementation of the product certification system not only meets the interests of the buyer, but also meets the interests of the seller. It can also greatly save inspection resources and simplify the evaluation procedures, which is welcomed by all parties in the society.

At present, our S series card printers have obtained CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, RoSH certification, which can gain the trust of market supervision organizations to a certain extent, and effectively prevent the occurrence of irresponsible allegations. . For consumers, the products with the logo give them a high degree of security, they only rely on and only want to buy products with a safety certification mark.