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SEAORY card printer completes domestic agent use and maintenance training

Since the official launch of the SEAORY card printer, it has won unanimous praise from customers. In order to continuously improve the familiarity of domestic agents with professional use, professional maintenance skills and perfect after- sales service level, a better spirit and The professional level provides more high-quality and efficient services for the end customers. On December 27 and 28, 2018, our company organized a two-day S series card printer use and maintenance training.

The training was led by Yi Deming, the deputy general manager of our company. He led the research and development of S series products, including all aspects of product software, electronic components and structure. He has profound knowledge and unique insights into S series products. In the process of training, through the combination of lecture-based teaching and interactive teaching, supplemented by case interaction, questioning and discussion, and other interactive methods, everyone can effectively combine their own work to make in-depth thinking on the basis of understanding the theoretical knowledge. Thereby realizing the use of knowledge.

During the training process, everyone's learning enthusiasm is very high. According to the rhythm of the lecturer's explanation, they actively speak and actively discuss and exchange. After two days of training, the company also arranged skills tests. After everyone submitted the test papers, the lecturer commented on the status of each participant's questions. Most of them were completed with perfect scores. All participants issued a certificate of completion.

After this training, all agents have enhanced the capabilities of service terminal customers in all directions, and hope to take the lead and achieve better performance in 2019!

2019 is coming soon, I wish all the SEAORY S series products agents and end customers a happy new year and a brilliant career!