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Seaory Renzhe Team - Tour of Guizhou

The Renzhe team ranked first top sale in the second quarter of 2018, they not only get rich bonus, but they also traveled away and feel exciting.

Huangguoshu Waterfall - Asia's largest waterfall, China's largest waterfall, five A scenic spots, walking at the plank road to this spot, mountains around and with wonderful tree shadows. The sky is blue and cloud is white, the ground is crowded, you can hear far away the stream is singing .

Libo Xiaoqikong - Xiaoqikong Scenic Area is located in the peak of the southern part of Libo County. The scenic waters of the river are across a seven-hole arch bridge which made of blue stone. The scenic area is filled with mountains, water, forests, caves, lakes and waterfalls. The beautiful scenery and the rich local Tujia and Yao customs make the Xiaoqikong scenic spot famous.

Thousands of Miao Villages - Xijiang Thousands of Miao Villages is connected by more than ten natural villages built by mountains. It is currently the largest Miao inhabited village in China and the world, and is home to the "West" Miao.

Thanks Seaory for providing us with opportunities to relax and broaden our horizons, we will continue to work hard in the future.