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Seaory international sales team- Oriental Pearl - 3 Days Xiamen Tour

Life is not just work, but poetry and distance. Either body or soul is on the way. The international sales team- Oriental Pearl ranked first in the first quarter of 2019. In order to thank all members for their hard work, enrich the cultural life of the staff and strengthen the cohesion of the company team, Oriental Pearl team organized a three-days tour to Xiamen.

On the first morning, we came to QuanZhou, which is known as the "carp city". QuanZhou has several pieces of world-class "City Cards". The most famous card is "world religion museum". The first stop is LuoYang bridge, formerly known as wan 'an bridge. LuoYang bridge is located in the east of QuanZhou city 13 kilometers. LuoYang bridge , Beijing LuGou bridge, HeBei ZhaoZhou bridge and GuangDong GuangJi bridge are known as China's ancient four famous bridges. Then visit GuanZhou Shaolin temple, also known as ZhenGuoDong Zen temple, commonly known as southern ShaoLin, QuanZhou southern ShaoLin was founded in the tang dynasty, thriving in the song dynasty, has a history of thousands of years.

In the afternoon, we visited the west street, Zhongshan street and bell tower, which are the earliest developed streets and areas in Quanzhou. As early as the song dynasty, it has symbolized the prosperity of Quanzhou. It is the most intact ancient block in Quanzhou city, which retains a large number of buildings with historical original appearance. Finally, we visited the Tianhou palace. The temples built in this scenic spot are the existing buildings with large in scale and well preserved, and remain some song dynasty components and wood structures from the Ming and Qing dynasties still preserved. Therefore, it is the first mainland mazu temple approved by the state council announced the state key cultural relics protection units.

In the morning of the second day, everyone steps into Nanputuo temple, an ancient temple with a history of thousands of years dating back to the tang dynasty. As the saying goes, "look at xi 'an underground, and look at Quanzhou on the ground". Its time-honored history and culture of southern Fujian and its southeast Asian buddhist architectural style have their own flavor. This is the most popular temple in southern Fujian, a holy place to pray for you and your family. If you come to Xiamen, how can you not visit Xiamen university? Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xiamen university, feel the rich academic atmosphere of Xiamen university, and experience the legend of love in Xiamen university.

After lunch, we went to the last stop of the second day, Gulangyu island, a famous scenic spot in Xiamen with the reputation of "national 5A scenic spot" and "world cultural heritage". Here, you can visit the architectural style of more than 20 countries, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States consulate general with the gothic type Catholic church and doctor Lin Qiaozhi memorial Yuyuan, and then we stroll in the beach, sitting on the beach to listen to the elegant music…. After that, we are free to roam the quiet alleys, enjoy the exotic old villas in Nanyang, the European architecture with different styles and the old consulate.

On the morning of the third day ,also the last day, we went to Huandao road, which is known as the most beautiful lovers road in Xiamen. Huandao road is built along the sea, and the road's flat curve extends along the coastline. Green belts, beaches, reefs and sea views are fully displayed. Along Huandao road, you can wander the humanized landscape, calligraphy square, music square, as well as the "one country, two systems, one China" opposite to Kinmen, Taiwan. You can also take photos to enjoy the charming scenery of sunshine, blue sky, sea and beach, and the coconut wind village.

In the afternoon, we came to the last stop of the journey, the old courtyard scenic area folk culture park. Through time and space, we returned to the ancient fishing house in southern Fujian and experienced the local traditional fishing village culture, folk culture, mazu culture and the 5,000 years of Chinese ancestors culture. The door lifting eyes is the ocean merchant ships docked at the wharf of the fishing village. The maritime silk road sets sail here, and the authentic traditional culture of southern Fujian can be felt through the objects and scenery of the old fishing village.

A three-days trip to Xiamen has come to a successful conclusion. Thanks to Seaory company for providing us with the opportunity to relax our body and mind, broaden our vision, and let us experience the warmth and care of the company, so as to better enhance the cohesion of the company and fully demonstrate the team spirit of the company. Let the staff relax, edify sentiment, with more enthusiasm into our work.