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Some tips about Card Printer

Since the mid-1990s, a plastic card the size of a business card has been making its way into the public eye and gaining increasing popularity. Personal information such as portraits, photos, names and units are printed on the surface of the card, which can be used as identification proof to realize functions of various intelligent applications. Card printer was born to meet the need of printing this kind of identification card.

Card printer, as the name suggests, is used for document printing equipment. In daily work and life we see a variety of printed photo card is its outcome. Nowadays, the commonly used card printing technology use dye sublimation and re-transfer printing technology, which requires the use of ribbons to print various personalized information on the surface of PVC, as well as laser printing, such as the personalized production of some national identity cards, and special inkjet technology.


The commonly used card printing technology is dye sublimation printer, which is economical in printing cost, low in hardware input cost and high in market share. Compared with inkjet printer and color laser printer, the characteristics of dye sublimation printing are as follows:

High quality reducibility

The main advantages of dye sublimation printers is photo level quality. By adjusting the temperature of each semiconductor element on the ribbon, the color proportion and shade can be combined to achieve the color effect of continuous tone. At the same time of ensuring enough continuity of image tone, the image restoration degree will get the most faithful restoration guarantee.

Low using cost

Dye sublimation card printer is the most economical choice for both machine hardware and ribbon consumables.

Helpful tool for Small production

Whether it is small order or card replacement production, the use of PVC card base directly on the card printing can quickly complete the relevant production tasks.

Key points of printing and making quality card

Why is it that the sample card provided by the manufacturer is very beautiful, but sometimes it is not perfect when printing the card designed by ourselves? The following experiences are for your reference.

1. When designing the card, the accuracy of the picture should be guaranteed first, not less than 300DPI.If it's a photo, it just needs to reach 300DPI.

2. Avoid large area single color block for background. Match colors. The picture of the sample card provided by the manufacturer is processed by color separation, so it is very print effect is very beautiful.

3. Besides adjusting picture quality by professional artists, you can also change the printer parameters to make the card colorful.

Every new printer will be attached with a color test card to tell you what kind of effect this printer can achieve. As long as your picture design quality is good, you can achieve the expected effect.