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Trigger the inner shock, tap the potential of individuals, cohesion perfect team

On September 29, Seaory organized employees to participate in outdoor training. The day of team outreach was soon over, but the excitement was long. Looking back on the challenges and training in outward bound training, I felt deeply.This team development training is a physical and mental baptism, is to further promote our efforts to do a good job in all aspects of the power. It is not only a simple training, but also a kind of culture and spirit, reflecting the importance of the whole team working together to achieve a goal or task.

On the training field, we forget our age, our job status, our living environment and throw ourselves into the training. Under the leadership of the drillmaster, we started a challenging day of training. The training mainly includes five major items: team ice breaking, passion 60, bounce drum hitting, field guard and graduation wall. Every time we encountered difficulties and challenges, we encouraged and supported our teammates with the spirit of "surpassing dreams and pursuing excellence", without blaming or giving up. In the end, every member of our team passed the test successfully.

The team broke the ice, with the drillmaster to welcome the opening, so that everyone broke the ice, the opening, all the players will adjust to the learning mentality, stimulate enthusiasm and morale;During this period, we divided all the team members into four teams. After selecting the captain, choosing the team name, setting up the slogan and drawing the team flag, all the teams showed their 100% concentration and participation with their loud voice and high morale.

60 seconds of passion. This project mainly trains the team members' sense of competitive crisis, cooperation and coordination ability and team integration. All the participants complete three challenging projects within 60 seconds through continuous optimization and division of labor. Well-designed activities have a stronger sense of interaction, deeper participation and better interest. Through seamless cooperation between team members, to create an impressive performance. To achieve an unexpected result in a situation that is considered impossible, and 60 seconds will soon pass in the blink of an eye, it is difficult to accomplish one task, let alone three. This is a project that tests the strength of a team. Everything is possible. You can make your imagination come true.

Bounce the drum to hit the ball, each team members challenge with a tied many ropes to catch the ball in the air, the group PK rules for each team member, in the specified 120 seconds, the cumulative number of bounce the most team wins. The project is to recognize the four stages of team development: formative, turbulent, normative and efficient, and seriously reflect on what each member should do in different stages of team development. When the team is in a downturn, everyone should put down the burden, share bravely and tolerate each other. Mind determines strength, focus on the goal, and attitude and action determine the outcome.

The field guard divides all the teams into several groups, each of which has three roles: commander, officer and soldier. The commander can only use body language to express the soldiers' state in the "battlefield", but cannot speak. Officers use language to convey messages from commanders and cannot observe soldiers. The soldiers, blindfolded, acted out the verbal instructions given by the officers. Under the command of the officer, each group of soldiers attacked the "enemy" soldiers with the bombs arranged in the "battlefield". In the end, the team of the surviving group won. This project let us learn to convey information accurate or not will directly affect the implementation of the team plan, there should be a good team planning scheme, more want to have a good execution, shopping malls, such as battlefield,, the great achievement to win in the competition depends on the team leader of organization and coordination ability and the accuracy of each department to convey information and staff's execution.

The graduation wall, also the last outward bound training project, challenges all the members to climb the 4.2-meter graduation wall. This project fully reflects the cohesion of the team. In order to achieve the goal, everyone sacrifices himself to fight silently for the honor of the team. In the touching background of music, the honor of the team can be interpreted, the sense of responsibility arises spontaneously, the cohesion of the team can be sublimated. Thanks to those who lie down for the human ladder, is their shoulders support the whole team. Thanks to those above to pull us, is their strong hands, when most needed, to give us help.

All the feelings let us slowly review with this song: "when the eyes, tell the truth of the eternal.Tell me how much life entrusts. Love and be loved witness the sanctity of your duty, for you consider me a sister and brother...I know there is a kind of love for no reason. I know there is a love that never ends……