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What is CMYK?


CMYK is also known as the printing color mode, which is used for printing namely. Using the principle of color mixing of the three primary colors of the pigment, plus the black color material, a total of four colors are mixed and superimposed to form a so-called "full color printing".



The four standard colors are: C: Cyan = cyan, also known as 'sky blue' or 'blue' M: Magenta = magenta; Y: Yellow = yellow; K: key = key Here, K refers to the key, which is used for printing device calibration. In addition, K: can also represent Black, black, because printing use more black.




The three colors of cyan, magenta and yellow are also the three primary colors of art. The three colors can theoretically be mixed into black, but in reality, due to the limitation of production technology, the purity of black is often unsatisfactory. The black color mixed is not good enough, and it can only rely on purification. In addition, the consumption of consumables can be saved. The black part of a picture is mixed into black by the same amount of CMY without black ink. If there is black ink, the amount of consumables can be reduced.


The Seaory S series ribbons have two types: YMCK and half YMCK. The different color blocks of the ribbon represents C, M, Y, and K colors. The ribbons are able to be applied on S20, S21, S22, and S22K and with them, the card printed will be rich in color and high fidelity.