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  •  Employee id card

    Employee id card

    In view of companies in different locations and the large number of employees, they are urgently in need of a work efficient and centralized card print...

  • Non-regular Size Drop Glue RFID Card

    Non-regular Size Drop Glue RFID Card

    Non-regular Size Drop Glue RFID Card is made of a variety of materials printed with surface-mounted crystal drop glue, It applies to member management,...

  • High quality Functional Membership Card

    High quality Functional Membership Card

    Membership card issued by a company is equal to the company\'s business card, you can print company logo or design on it, advertising for the company\'s ...

  • Visitor management kiosk

    Visitor management kiosk

    SEAORY intelligent visitor management system S-STVM203 is a high-end models specialized in realizing office automatization for government and enterpris...

  • RFID Self-adhesive Label

    RFID Self-adhesive Label

    RFID electronic tag’s highlight the technical characteristics are: can identify a specific object, rather than only identify a class of objects like ...

  • campus card

    campus card

    Campus card is multifunctional,from basic identity data to the highest level of encoding function, it can use the personalized image design, able to ...