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RFID Self-adhesive Label

RFID Self-adhesive Label is based on automatic identification technology, which through the RF signal to identify the target object and obtain the relevant data, and the identification process is without human intervention. As the bar code label’s  wireless version, RFID technology own waterproof, high temperature resistance, longer service life, longer reading distance, the data can be encrypted, larger data storage capacity, and changeable data information, which are barcode does not have. The storage of the electronic tag code is stored in a read-only or read-write format on an integrated circuit;In particular, read and write, electronic tags are carried out by means of wireless transmission.
RFID electronic tag’s highlight the technical characteristics are: can identify a specific object, rather than only identify a class of objects like barcode; can read a number of objects simultaneously, while the barcode can only read one by one; can store large information; with radio frequency, data can be read through external materials, and barcodes must read information on the surface of the material medium by laser or infrared.

RFID stickers can make aluminum coil antenna on paper forming and form a complete RFID tags, through a simple thermal evaporation process. Aluminum is cheaper than copper or silver, is now widely used in a variety of labels. Research shows that the method will reduce the cost of one-fifth. Label paper, synthetic paper or PET can be base material. RFID sticker use Silver antenna printing process, is single-layer structure and without the inlay production process.

Typical Application of Sticker Electronic Label
Air baggage management
Mail / express parcel handling
Document tracking / library management
Logistics management
Security, security management
Security management and other radio frequency identification (RFID) applications.