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Visitor management kiosk

SEAORY intelligent visitor management system S-STVM203 is a high-end models specialized in realizing office automatization for government and enterprise in the condition of informatization. Thanks to its fashionable appearance and stable performance, it is a preferred choice for most high-end users like large-scale enterprises, hotels and government agencies to manage the visitor efficiently and improve the image of front desk better. 

After the installation of the system, the combination of air defense and technical defense, the user can achieve "digital registration, network office, security management", the enhancement of the user reception efficiency, service quality and unit image. Dual-screen Visitor Management Kiosk : The main display as a registration interface; sub-display player to promote the video or attention.

Through the advanced OCR scanner, automatically identify the driver's license, attorney's license, passport, Hong Kong, Macao&Taiwan pass certificates and other valid documents information, without the need for hand-written to effectively ensure the correctness of registration information. Laser barcode gun: scan paper type wo-dimensional code, mobile phone screen two-dimensional code.

Automatically print the guest single or issue a guest card, simple and efficient, the data at any time backup; visitor single format can be customized according to their own application needs, show units / company features, a variety of random visitors, support custom.

The user interface is simple to operate. Taking full consideration of the use of computer personnel less knowledge of the characteristics of all the staff familiar with the business process, prompt language and operation. Even if you do not understand the computer who can skillfully use the software to complete the business process.

Smart phone module, to achieve the phone's signaling control, call recording playback, dial, receive call numbers and dual audio code.

Stable system performance. In strict accordance with the norms of software engineering management and development, make full use of object-oriented technology to SQL database as a platform, the use of Windows system memory management and multi-tasking features, from the technology to ensure the stability of the system, reliability and advanced.