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High quality Functional Membership Card

PVC membership card can bring the modern and dynamic image for shopping mall, hotel, gym, restaurant, club, association and other places of consumption. Membership service is a popular management mode now, it can improve the rate of second glance, and the loyalty of clients. Many services industrial was taken this mode in the form of membership card.

Membership card issued by a company is equal to the company's business card, you can print company logo or design on it, advertising for the company's image, is the ideal carrier of company's advertising.

Features of PVC membership Card:
PVC material durability:  can be used all day long.

Customize: it can print your own design, logo, and add corresponding data such as card member name, photo and expiration etc.
Excellent visual quality: SEAORY Card Printer use high resolution printing quality to make sure the card professional. 
Additional function: When using the encoder(magnetic stripe card encoder, contact / contactless smart card encoder) of SEAORY Card printer or printing bar code, it can integrate those information together such as access permissions, pre-payment function, even preferential promotional activities of store.