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Personalized Smart Card

China's smart card industry in the 21st century has not only witnessed rapid development under the national environment advocated by the state, but also been dipped into the "diversified and personalized" trend that belongs to this era. In the past ten years, the circulation of smart cards has been on the rise. In-depth application of smart cards in various industries, a great convenience to people's lives and speed up the popularity of information technology products.
With the development of the industry, the appearance of standard cards is no longer the inherent image of people's smart cards. In this "personalized" era, smart cards have also become personalized with the development of the times. Only the smart card products that are "practical" and "fashionable" can meet different individual needs of the people. After years of development, the smart card's shape changes from standard card to Epoxy Card, Flocking card, Visual card, Laser card, special irregular card and other new technology cards.

Epoxy Card

Epoxy card is a stylish mini-shaped card, the new favorite in the smart card family, which combines microelectronics and computer technology, widely used in finance, transportation, identity authentication and other fields, improve people's lives and work of modernization level. Dipped plastic card with exquisite appearance, personality design to win the praise of the market, is based on the traditional IC card technology upgrade new smart card, has a strong market competitiveness.

Visual Card

The visual card is a card that can read the text on the card surface. There is a more exact name: a thermal card, that is repeatedly erased on the card surface through thermal technology. With the current chip high encryption storage technology, visual card is now very popular in the premium membership card market. the visual card can print out the changes and important information when operate the magnetic stripe card, IC card and other smart card, the next time you can use the contents of the print can be erased and then print, in order to achieve the cardholder exchange of cards

Laser Card

Laser card is used in the surface of the PVC card with hot laser gold or laser silver, the laser material and the pattern is not the same, as well as laser area is different, the visual presentation is not the same. Beside this,, there is enhanced transaction security and anti-scan copy function, so that the card is in more secure circulation.

Flocking Card

Flocking cards are made of flocking on the card surface, flocking is characterized by moisture, friction. Therefore, the card surface plus flocking, so that the card is more scratch-resistant than ordinary card, thereby extending card use time and reduce the card rate, but also conforms to the concept of environmental protection nowadays advocated. Flocking cards looks three-dimensional sense of strong, natural simulation patterns, moisture, friction, and flocking card style, printing variety, production and processing capacity.