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Automatic Digital Payment Card: Wallet Card

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago, Sprint and Dynamics Inc. teamed up to launch a battery-powered payment card, called the Wallet Card. This card can act as a debit card, credit card, prepaid card, multi- currency card or membership card according to the user's preference. The card is the same size and shape as a regular bank card, but it has nearly 200 internal components including a mobile phone chip, antenna, battery, auto charge chip, programmable magnetic stripe, EMV chip, contactless chip, etc.


The card's profile can be downloaded to the card, while the magnetic strips, EMVs and contactless chips inside can be programmed into the new data. It is reported that this card has 65,000 pixels display level and UI, the user can switch a variety of card surface and display.

Sprint said the Wallet Card has features that many other conventional credit cards do not have. Because it is a digital card, the bank can issue cards at any time, the user can immediately activate the use.The information can be sent directly to the Wallet Card, so users can easily know what happened or received coupons or check for suspicious transactions or fraud. If a suspicious transaction is found, set the fraud alert and get a new card number by clicking "not me".

If a data breach occurs, the bank will be able to delete the account data directly and replace it with a new one. In general, banks react very quickly to data breaches, but it's unclear how fast Sprint's card is.

As for when the card is issued depends on Sprint partners Dubai National Bank, Japan Sumitomo Bank, Imperial Bank of Canada, Industrial Bank of India's attitude. However, according to a spokesman for Dynamics, may be the second half of this year.